Newsletter February 2012

Beloved friends,

We have arrived at this sacred year of 2012 !!

So many millions of us around the world from multitudes of different groups, organizations, streams of light and higher dimensional consciousness, have been working for the upliftment of humanity for eons of time. We have all been waiting with baited breath for this year to arrive. 2012.
This date was given by the very advanced civilization, the Mayans, as the end of their extremely accurate calendar predictions, as the end time on earth.

The doom-mongers are creating much fear by insisting that the planet will destroy itself with catastrophes, earthquakes and the like. Or, the other scenario, that humanity will blow itself up with nuclear warfare or all the other depravities we have created.

The end of the Mayan calendar and many other ancient texts, have a completely different meaning though. We should be excitedly rejoicing at this time.

2012 is the true BEGINNING of a huge transformational leap of consciousness for mankind. This is the spiritual awakening that has been promised and we have awaited for so long.
Mother Earth and all her inhabitants will be catapulted into a huge vibrational frequency leap of upliftment. This will have the effect of taking us all deeper into the 4th dimension. Many of us have been experiencing the start of
this incredible journey into a higher level of consciousness. As the veils become thinner between the 3rd and 4th, so it is so much easier to make the connection with the Angelic and the Ascended Realms.

Many people are experiencing the way time itself is changing as we move through the lower frequencies of the 4th dimension. Many people are saying that they cannot get as much done in a day as they used to. They say “time is going too fast”, but they don’t really understand why. We are effectively losing the equivalent of two hours per day now, from our man-made 24 hour time clock. This is a natural phenomenon of moving into a higher frequency and has been scientifically proven. As we move even higher, or deeper, time as we know it will gradually run out. When we reach the 5th dimension time does not exist. Everything is only experienced in the now. Our thoughts will manifest instantly. Many of us are already having that experience! This is why it is so important to learn to think, feel and act from the heart, from Unconditional Love.

Everyone, whether aware of it or not, will have the opportunity to explore the expanded consciousness of living more from the unconditional love held within all our hearts. Until now it has been so difficult for many to release old conditioning and patterns which hold us back from this Divine way of Being, in Love, Peace and Joy.

Mother Earth, humanity and all sentient beings on this sacred planet will gradually expand in higher levels of consciousness, as we make the Shift of the Ages. In this high frequency we will manifest from the consciousness of our Higher Self, as we live it, the new world, and finally create Heaven on Earth.
So as we Ascend in consciousness, so we Descend and bring our enlightenment to this beautiful planet, thus creating the new Golden Age of Spirituality. The period we are living through now is the culmination of all our efforts and struggles over millennia of time. TO RETURN TO THE ONENESS OF ALL CREATION. The spiritual values of Divine Love, Truth, Justice, Peace, Harmony, Wisdom, Fairness, Equality and Abundance for all humanity.
We could not have travelled further as a human consciousness from these sacred values if we had tried! Yet, we survive as a species, still, with all the wars, power struggles and depravities we have created. NOW THE TIDE TURNS.
We have seen over the past few years how people are rising up to be heard. They are wishing to bring about change, through both peaceful means and revolutions. The Occupy movement is bringing the need for change into the thoughts of all, and is now active in over 90 countries. Truly global. No transformation is easy. Whether it be the banking systems, governments, dictatorships, or those in the background desperately trying to hold on to their power as all around them is collapsing. Now change is inevitable, for ALL. This includes those power-mongers who are also a part of us as a whole. For they are a reflection of our own fears, insecurities and greed. In our hearts, in the unity consciousness, we can feel and know this for the truth.

A few years ago it was felt by many of us that it would be impossible to transform those very few laggard souls who are holding the world to ransom. It was believed that the rest of humanity would move up in consciousness, into the 4th and 5th dimensions, leaving them behind on another 3rd dimensional planet. They would work out their karma and continue creating wars and chaos as Mother Earth moved into her higher frequencies.

Eight years ago our Higher Selves were given a choice, often unbeknown to us, at a conscious level. The choice was to open our hearts in love and compassion for those souls who would be left in the darkness.
At that point our I Am Presence chose to take ALL HUMANITY with us into the new levels of light and love. We did not realise, consciously, how difficult this could be and the magnitude of that which we had signed up for. Many of us, as lightworkers, had already taken the sacred Bodhisattva vow, whether as a Buddhist in this life or a previous one.
This vow is a promise that we will continue to incarnate on earth, even if not necessary for our own souls growth, until the very last person becomes enlightened.
It came as no surprise when, not just us, but the I Am Presence of all humanity made that choice, at soul level. Most, of course, were unaware of the great decision they had made and the difficulties we may encounter.


The reason there has been a population explosion on earth over the past 50 years is because all the souls who ever incarnated in a physical body on this sacred planet made the decision to be here now, at this momentous time in our history. We have many reasons; to help others, to clear karma, to fulfil obligations and to experience the excitement of our amazing transition, the greatest there has ever been.

We could never be in the position we are now, to make this transition without the assistance given us by the Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms and life streams from the whole universe. They have orchestrated multitudes of light and healing energies to help raise our consciousness. They have assisted us in so many ways and even protected us from ourselves!
In the 1970`s the Ascended Masters from Sirius created a very powerful web of light around the earth to prevent us from blowing ourselves up, and thus affecting the whole solar system.
This is just one example of all the love, support and light they have given us. We can repay them for their faith in us by doing the very best we can on our own Divine Mission.
All the streams of light, including Eternal Light energies, are interconnected through the love these great beings have for us, and they help us wake up to who we really are.
CO-CREATORS WITH MOTHER/FATHER GOD, when we choose to be the connection to all life, through the Divine Love in our hearts.

The Venus Transit

Every 121 years planet earth experiences the transit of Venus. Venus is the sacred planet of Love, Compassion, Harmony, Peace and Beauty. The transit comes in pairs, and it comes as no surprise that when we made that monumentous decision to take all humanity along with us into the 5th dimension it was the year of the first part of the transit. In 2004 this rare and very powerful alignment took place on June 8th.
On this very special day Venus moved in front of the sun, aligning directly between the earth and the sun. Thus the radiance of this divine planet was illuminated by the powerful sun rays and projected to all humanity. The Angelic Realms assisted and amplified these frequencies to assist us even further.

That sacred energy could be felt so strongly that day. I remember that day so well. I was out in beautiful countryside making flower essences. The sun radiated the Venus energy all day, with not a cloud in the sky. It was extremely hot. I just felt this projection of the Divine Mother energy. The love, joy and peace were very tangible as I sat on the grass meditating.
Since that day there has been a very profound shift within the hearts of all humanity. This can be seen in the uprisings, revolutions and demands for more fairness and justice for all. With the higher levels of consciousness more and more people recognise that we are all inter connected as a brother/sisterhood of humanity. In this Oneness, we start to recognise that if we abuse or mistreat another we are only harming ourselves, ultimately.


Now in 2012, Venus makes her second transit on JUNE 6th. Mankind has had this 8 year window of opportunity to become more heart centred and more conscious of our connectedness to all life.
On this powerful and sacred day we will connect with each other and the whole Eternal Light group consciousness, through meditations and prayer. As we pray and focus on Peace, Love and Harmony to prevail on Mother Earth, our energies will link in with all the millions around the world focusing on the same ideals.
The Ascended masters and Angelic Realms have promised their help to make this the most powerful amplification of these divine energies that has yet been possible.
In England this sacred day falls next to a bank holiday weekend, thus giving the opportunity to make the space and time to fully enjoy the radiant energies.


The 21.12.12 Portal

This powerful year culminates in the celebrations of light workers around the world on 21st December. 12.12.12. will also be a very powerful day for meditations, especially at 12 minutes past 12 of course. The 12th of December has been designated by the Ascended Realms as the last opportunity to strengthen the light on earth before the big day, and they will amplify all our healing and prayers. It is very important that we focus on the Violet Flame of Transformation every day, not just for ourselves, but also to transmute the negative thoughts and fears of mankind related to this very special time. Call on the Angels to assist and amplify and we will be VICTORIOUS.
On the 21st December this special year we experience a most incredible portal of light. This will expand human consciousness very quickly as we continue our journey through the 4th dimension and into even higher frequencies.


With Love & Healing,
Shimara Kumara