Newsletter November 2010

Dear Light Workers,

My deepest gratitude and thanks go to all of you who have been sending healing to Mother Earth and all the disasters and difficult situations around this dear planet. The Ascended Realms are sending multitudes of blessings and ask me to remind you that all the energy you send is amplified beyond measure. Therefore know that as the co-creator you have the power of legions of Angels to help you and all that you choose to create for the Highest Divine Good. Know that each time you do this lightwork you are not only fulfilling part of your Divine Mission, but also creating a lot of positive karma for yourself. We reap these rewards very quickly now. As our planet moves 4th dimensionally, through the photon belt, everything is starting to happen sooner than we often expect. This is because our thoughts are usually based on what has happened to us in the past. Therefore we think that all that happens to us now and in the future will be the same, as we project those expectations into the now, so we create the same kind of experiences in the future.

IT IS TIME TO LET GO OF THESE OUTMODED IDEAS. It is time NOW for us to remember that we have chosen to be the co-creators with the Universe, here to finally anchor Heaven on Earth.

We have waited and practised for this time NOW over eons of time and multiple lifetimes. All this energy, from a soul perspective, focused into the future to this one particular period.

This is a culmination of all we have learned and experienced at an earthly personality level. Now we must put all these soul gifts that we have accumulated into practise for the benefit of all beings and all creation, including, of course, ourselves.
For years the Ascended Masters have been telling us that it would be very beneficial for our spiritual and personality development to practise being one of Them. That means to practise trying to act, think, feel and speak as if we were for instance, Jesus, Buddha or Krishna. This is not as easy as it

sounds, of course! We all have days when we can feel fearful, intolerant, impatient, unworthy, etc., etc.
The important thing is to recognise when we stray from our True Self into the ego patterns of the personality. We can then make the effort to bring ourselves back by recognising that we lost ourselves for a while, then taking the time to centre ourselves in our heart and column of light. From this point of balance we can then start to feel the unconditional love flowing again. It is important at this stage not to judge ourselves or others. Recognise from your higher consciousness that this is all a part of the “Divine Lila” or spiritual game that we have chosen, to bring us back home to the heart and to Mother/Father God, of whom we are a part of.

We must also remember how special the human race actually is, as this really is the only planet of choice. We have been given free will, which means that we can always choose to act or speak differently. We can cancel out that which would come out hastily or in anger by using the Violet Flame. So let us make a vow, to always try to choose thoughts, actions or words that will come from Unconditional Love and non-judgement, from our Higher rather than lower Self. If you find this really difficult then become an actor and try to feel the Master within you. Even if you have to pretend to be your Higher Self you will eventually master the role.
As the actress Julie Roberts said of her role in the film “Eat, Pray, Love”, it was the most demanding role she ever played and it has changed her life forever. This beautiful book and film is a true story of one woman’s spiritual search.

By coming from the heart in all we do we create a more peaceful and happier life for ourselves, our relationships and it can change all our experiences to the miraculous. We are also adding to all the positive thoughts and visions of others, thereby benefiting all humanity. These radiant clouds of love and positivity held in our atmosphere are now getting stronger and stronger every day, as humanity wakes up from its dream state and rises in consciousness.
Forget about all the negativity which appears to be still going strong on the 3rd dimension; it´s days are almost over. Those who control and create most of these miscreations are realising that they are losing their grip, as more and more people are starting to see the truth. They also are aware of the gateway to a new spiritual age of enlightenment in 2012 and are now racing to put as much control in as possible before then but they cannot hold back time.

When we come from the consciousness of our heart we create a completely different reality for ourselves and others. It is almost like we are then living in two completely different worlds.

What does this date mean?

Because at this 3rd and 4th dimensional level we are still thinking and acting in duality consciousness, there is much fear being generated regarding the year 2012 and the date 23.12.2012. (Only when this planet and all humanity finally move into the 5th dimension will everyone be in Unity Consciousness.)
As I have discussed before, this is the date predicted by all the advanced civilizations as being the end of the world. Indeed the Mayan calendar gives the exact date of 23rd December. The times we are experiencing now are known as the end times.
There are also many other prophesies for this time period of earthquakes and destruction. This has created incredible fear for people who are aware of this information.

In fact, these predictions do not mean that the world will be totally destroyed. They mean the end of the world as we know it!

What we do know is that there is a very powerful conjunction of planets on that day. This conjunction will be as spectacular as the one in August 1987, known as Harmonic Convergance. The power of the planetary energies on that day created a portal for a new spiritual awakening to enter humanities consciousness. It allowed new ideas and inspiration to filter through which started to bring changes and transformation to earth. It has taken 23 years and an incredible amount of help from the Universe, Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realms to help us reach the stage of spiritual development we are at now. We have had a spectacular amount of solar and lunar eclipses and some very special star/ planetary alignments, more than ever before in our history. Each of these brings its own particular high vibration of energy, helping to jolt us out of our lower ego consciousness to transform.
SO – we can view 23rd December 2012 as another beautiful, extremely powerful Harmonic gateway to empower and enrich the lives of all humanity.
Most of humanity has become aware of the importance of this date and the ancient prophesies.

Unfortunately, so many people are taking the end of the world literally and extreme fear is being generated. So instead of a sacred event to be celebrated with joy it becomes a terrifying thought

It Is Our Work To Transform These Fears!

The most important thing we can do now is to clear our own fears and thus help to manifest more light and clarity for ourselves.

We can also work multi-dimensionally to help transform the huge blocks of fear based energy regarding this date, which are held in the atmosphere.
As we are aware, every thought or feeling we have creates a vibrational frequency which we then broadcast out to the world though our chakras and auric field. Through the Law of Attraction this draws to us, like a magnetic force, vibrational energies with a similar resonance. Thus we create our reality. These energies then build up and through the same Universal Law are drawn together. If there are enough of the same vibrations they then accumulate and can create huge blocks of energy around the earth.

Fear is the greatest, most destructive, disease creating frequency. It is held within us, for we all carry fears both consciously and subconsciously. We may not be able to pinpoint them exactly, or we may be in denial of them. It is, however, one of our highest purposes to release and transform them. Fears are held at a subtle level in our chakras and aura. Hidden fears are held by the intestines and all fears are processed at a subtle level by the kidneys.

Transforming Ourselves

COURAGE INNER CHILD ESSENCE is our biggest selling remedy. This combination is transforming all kinds of fears; karmic, conscious and subconscious. COURAGE helps to develop more of the innate courage that we all carry within us, in our hearts and also helps to build more confidence. Working through several bottles can clear so much. It can make us feel lighter and more able to carry out our day to day tasks and fulfil our Divine Mission. If you are guided to do this healing work on yourself please order as usual through Paula & Roy, or Crystal Herbs.

Transforming Humanity

On one of my adventures on the higher dimensions, I was shown by Mother Meera the huge blocks of black/grey stagnant energy surrounding this planet. This energy affects everyone while it sits there and is being added to minute by minute. When these negative frequencies are cleared away it is not so easy for people to get sucked into that particular frequency. Then fear, (or any other ego pattern), has less of a pull on us and it is easier to stay in a place of balance and unconditional love.

Mother Meera showed me the work she was doing as part of her Divine Mission. While moving around a powerful light, she was transmuting these energies which were fear based. As I watched she invited me to help her and I joined in. A multitude of Angels were also helping. As we cleared these stuck energies I saw the spectacular sight of a much more brilliant light streaming down to our planet through the dimensions. While I saw other cloud like energies that were not pure light, none was as dark and dense as humanities fears that we were working on. I also saw that as soon as we cleared several patches, faint streams came up from our lower level consciousness to start to create more of the same. However, as they had nothing to stick to, of the equivalent vibration, it took much, much longer for them to join together and create such density. So the work we were doing was, in effect, holding more light for Mother Earth.

Your Help is Urgently Needed Now


The more of us holding positive visions and thoughts for change, the easier the transition from the 4th to 5th dimension will be. This cleansing is also helping humanity to not be so easily drawn into fear based vibrations, and so to get clearer and more able to access their Higher Self.
This work is extremely important now and in the next two years until December 2012. The more light that is able to pour forth from the Universe and Angelic Realms, the easier the future transition will be, for both ourselves and Mother Earth.

So let us all visualise a pole shift which is a more gentle transition, leading us all into the 5th dimensional energies of Divine Love and pure light. Then we can really create heaven on earth.

Exercises of Light, That We May Become the Co-Creators That We Truly Are!

MOST IMPORTANT … … … … … … …
1. Before doing any of these exercises bring yourself into your column of light. First connect to the heart of Mother Earth, sending all your love and gratitude. She will send her love back up to your heart. This is really important to ground the work you are doing and yourself. Also Mother Earth, as a living being, gets to know your individual energy and she will help support you through any changes, as she loves you.
Then send all your love and gratitude up to Mother-Father God, or Creator. Imagine it going to the sun, stars or universe. This helps strengthen your connection with your Higher Self. Then the love will be returned amplified into your heart chakra.
(Don’t worry if you don’t feel the love being returned. Not everyone is sensitive enough, or some do not feel worthy enough to experience their connection to God. Something to work on … Inner Child Essence ‘Self Worth’!)

2. In the column of light, call on the Angels of the 5th dimensional frequencies of the Violet Flame and St. Germain to come through to help you to clear up these fear-based energies polluting our atmosphere.
You can then visualise or just think of violet light and imagine that you are using this tool of light to cleanse, purify and transmute these frequencies. Any way that comes to you to do this work is fine, it all works. Your thoughts and visions are very powerful. Remember who you are.

Some people imagine they have a giant vacuum cleaner which sucks in the energy and transforms it, sending it back out as violet light. Some think of a magic wand or violet sword sending out transmuting frequencies. You may want to call on Archangel Michael with his blue flaming sword to work along side you, giving you protection and courage. Ask for your work to be connected to everyone else doing this exercise. Together we can make a huge difference.
You do not need to go out of your body to do this work. Remember your thoughts are enough, as the co-creator that you are! But if you have any doubts or fears regarding this exercise, continue to a different one and take COURAGE.

3. Imagine a beautiful shaft or ray of light coming from the Universe and entering Mother Earth at the north pole. Think of a column of light going straight through the earth and coming out at the south pole. Then imagine another tunnel with a column of light entering beneath the pyramids at Giza in Egypt. This light goes straight through and across the earth, exiting at the Andes mountains in South America. You have created a cross of light, held in place by the Angelic Realms and your thoughts. This will help to stabilise Mother Earth during this transition period. Hold this vision or thought as often as you can and ask the Ascended Masters to help by transmitting this ray of energy from the Universe.

4. Hold the vision and thoughts of positive changes taking place on earth now. Be still or meditate for 10 minutes or more, while thinking of all the wonderful possibilities there are for Mother Earth and all humanity. Think of or see all the possible changes which will help to transform, war, famine, poverty, pollution, animal suffering, etc. The list can be quite long. See or think of all governments, corporations and financial institutions acting for the Highest Divine Good of all humanity, with love, compassion, fairness and equality for ALL LIFE. My list takes me about 15 minutes to go through.
Again, ask the Angels to connect your positive energies to those of everyone else doing this work globally. THIS EXERCISE WILL HELP TO BALANCE OUT ANY NEGATIVITY OR FEAR BASED ENERGIES ON THE OTHER LEVELS AND WILL HELP YOU TO STAY POSITIVE.
If you do any other meditation then add this or any of these other exercises to your daily routine at the beginning or end.

Another very powerful way to develop your inner senses and open the heart chakra is to practise really feeling the Divine Love flowing from your heart to heaven and earth. It may help to imagine yourself in a beautiful place in nature or on a radiant star. (My Return to Innocence is good to help feel connected to nature and Dolphin CD for the stars.) The Hathors have always said that the way to enlightenment is through our feeling or emotional nature. So you can also practise feeling how wonderful it will be living on earth as all these positive changes happen. Practise really feeling yourself in your column of light. How does it feel?

23rd December 2012

I keep being asked if I am going to organise an event or special meditation on this date. The answer is yes, but at the moment I have not been guided to the details yet. So more news later, on what will be a huge celebration world-wide.
It is important to remember that even the Ascended Masters cannot give us a date for the pole shift transition. They say that it depends on the level of human consciousness.
Some people think it could be February 2013, because of the Gregorian calendar change. Others say a 20 year time period from 2012, etc, etc. The only thing I can say is live in the now and try to stay in the heart. Focus on meditating in the sacred space of the heart, as on my CD Temple of the Heart. This is one of the most important things you can do. You will then start to learn to think with the heart, a very powerful thing to learn as it activates the mid (or centre) brain, balancing the left & right brains. This creates the integration of masculine and feminine sides of the brain. This combined with the mid-brain activation ensures that you will be able to bring all the positive attributes from all 3 together. Then all thoughts are sacred and come from your Higher Self. It then becomes easier to think and co-create from the heart. Become the miracle that you truly are!

Sharing Groups

NORTH LONDON Earth Healing Group, held regularly. Please contact Richard on 0208-211-8085
BRISTOL please contact Lianka, 0792-000-6282 for Merkaba, Earth Healing and healing sharing groups.

With Love and Healing,
Shimara Kumara